PYHO is part of the Solid Waste Authority, the recycle organization of the county.  We have a donations only budget with a volunteer board that uses volunteer groups every week to paint houses in the community for free. Almost all donation dollars are used for pressure washing of all houses, before painting, and painting supplies.

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Paint Your Heart Out provides so much for not only residents of Lake Worth, but for the whole community.  Along with providing dignity and self esteem to those who struggle to maintain their homes despite wanting to do so very badly, the neighborhoods are brought alive and homeowners see improvements happening, which often  inspire pride and encourage them to do more.  The City of Lake Worth is very grateful to the Paint Your Heart Out Founders and volunteers, support their good works and encourage anyone to help fund their selfless and amazing works. They are a shining star in our community.

Pam Triolo
Mayor of the City of Lake Worth

Even though South Florida is thought of by many around the world as "the land of palm trees and millionaire's," there are too many living here that need help maintaining their home. Thanks to the volunteers and organizers at Paint Your Heart Out along with the SWA who roll their sleeves up on the weekend to assist the elderly, disabled and low-income families spruce-up and paint their home. Not only to restore and protect the home they also help restore the pride these families have in their home while also improving the appearance of the neighborhood and community. I'm proud to live in a community with groups like Paint Your Heart Out to help keep the American Dream alive for so many.

Greg Rice
Marketing Guru
Hulett Environmental Services

“PYHO provides a wonderful opportunity for our congregation to collaborate with others in community outreach. I would encourage every community minded person and organization to be involved with PYHO”

Rev. Dr. Stan L. Sniezek
Senior Pastor New Life Alliance, WPB, FL
Police Chaplain, Lake Clarke Shores, FL