Paint Your Heart Out Palm Beach County is a 5013c status as a non-profit. Neither the committee nor the program receives any local, state, or federal funding, but rely solely on private contributions such as cash, in kind donations and grants. All donated money goes to house prep and painting supplies.

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Chief Michael Gauger - Palm beach. County Sheriff's office:

I have worked with "Paint Your Heart Out" since my command of the Community Policing Unit at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.  The work they accomplish is amazing.  They work in lower socio-economic neighborhoods where many residents can't afford to maintain homes they have lived in for years, many times due to the aging of the residents or from the ravages of devastating illnesses.
Joanna Aiken and her group of energetic volunteers attack with vigor problems in neighborhoods where their work changes the personality of the area.  The residents beam with pride, many times shedding tears for the outpouring of love and kindness of the volunteers.


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Paint Your Heart Out Palm Beach County is a county-wide program that enables citizens, businesses, clubs, and organizations to lend a helping hand to low-income, qualifying, grateful residents in our community. Over the past 20 years, volunteers and sponsors have given of themselves to paint over 300+ homes every year.

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